Online Poker Card Combination – Online Poker Card Combination

Online poker gambling is a type of card gambling game that is popular today and is very global. Online poker gambling is a gambling game that uses 52 playing cards. With playing cards playing cards online poker gambling is quite easy to play, so anyone can play this game, no exception novice players. In online poker gambling, there is a combination of hand cards, from the lowest to the highest. The player who wins one of the card combinations wins. But for the lowest combination, of course, it still loses with a higher combination. The following is an explanation of the order of the combination of judi poker online gambling cards from the lowest to the highest:

combination poker

High Card

The lowest combination high card in daftar poker online gambling if the card in the player’s hand has no match at all with the cards on the table, both shapes and numbers so that the winner is obtained from the highest card holder.

One Pair

If the cards in the player’s hand have the same number as the cards on the table and a pair. For the highest number will come out to be a winner, this card consists of five pieces and one pair with the same number.

Two pair

Compared to one pair, the two pair combination has more levels than the one pair combination. Two pairs have the same number of two pairs, while one pair is only one pair. If there are two players who won two pairs, the winner is the pair with the highest number.

Three of a Kind

If you reach the 3 and 2 cards, while your opponent wins J and K, then two numbers 3 come out on the table is a condition that you win. Although opponents have the same J and K cards, a combination of three of a kind cards is certainly higher in value than a combination of two pairs.


This straight combination combines cards that are won in sequence with cards that come out on the table. Examples of this straight combination for five cards are 8, 9, 10, J, Q. But if the opponent has a sequence of up to numbers with greater values, then that opponent is the winner.


Flush a combination of five cards of the same suit and shape. This combination is higher and bigger than a Straight card.

Full House

This full house is a combination of a one pair combination with three of a kind. An example of this combination is when you have a card number 3 and club number 3, then on the table there are cards number 3, heart number 9 and spade number 9.

Straight Flush

Straight flush combination of cards of the same suit and consecutive value. This type of card is not easy to achieve, but if you win a straight flush then the victory reaches 90%.

Royal Flush

A five-card royal flush of the same suit and consecutive value, starting from the 10th card to the US card. Like straight flush, this combination is also difficult to achieve. Once you get the player immediately wins, let alone the US card is the highest card. Such is the explanation of the order of combinations of online poker gambling cards starting from the lowest to the highest that must be known before starting to play judi poker online indonesia and placing a bet in it.